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Pelvicore? Pro...

  • Designed by a P.T.
  • Clinically Effective!
  • Functional Exercise
  • Promotes Core Strength
  • Integrates CORE Muscles
  • Improves CORE Mobility
  • Enhances Coordination!
  • Enriches Balance!
  • Improves Biomechanics!
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Pelvicore? Pro....
....what to expect:

By following your choosen Pelvicore exercise program you should notice significant improvement in your PELVIC CORE in six to eight weeks. The Pelvicore Pro is designed to strengthen the PELVIC floor muscles, CORE stability and PELVIC girdle mobility; thus, improving your overall biomechanical health!

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  • Pelvicore Pro™ ...

    Your Strengthening Tool!

    Professionally Designed by
    a Physical Therapist



  • Pelvicore™ Pro is a FUNctional excersice tool and revolutionary breakthrough in the training of PELVIC girdle health and CORE stability. Pelvicore™ Pro can help improve Mobility, Strength, and Stability throughout your PELVIC girdle and CORE!

  • Weak or imbalanced CORE muscles can lead to the following problems ... low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction (ie: incontinence or pain)

  • Pelvicore™ Pro will enhance strength, coordination, and balance of your core muscles ... abdominals, hips, back, butt, and PELVIC FLOOR! All of these muscles are layered and interconnected; therefore the CORE muscles must be worked as a unit and not in isolated fashion!

  • All movements originate from the CORE. Working the CORE will protect your body from injury, make improvement in everyday activities more efficient, and improve overall biomechanical health.

  • Pelvicore™ Pro can be integrated into your current excercise program to optimize overall health!*


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