Pelvicore Pro Pregnancy Program

Pelvicore Program - Pregnancy

Did You Know...

It has been estimated that between 12-25 million Americans have some form of pelvic floor dysfunction.
One in three women suffer with some form of pelvic floor dysfunction.
60-80% of women develop injuries during childbirth.
Episiotomies may have severe consequences for the integrity of the wall between the vagina and the rectum.
Forceps and Vacuum Extraction deliveries can cause pelvic floor damage.
65% of women complain of incontinence during pregnancy.

What You Should Know

Pregnancy is most commonly the start of Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness and therefore very special attention should be paid to this important group of Pelvic Core Muscles.
Proper Pelvic Core preparation during pregnancy can prevent/reduce the need for an episiotomy.
Weak or imbalanced Core muscles can lend to the following problems during pregnancy...Rectus Diastisis (split abdominal muscles), incontinence, low back pain, sacroiliac joint instability, pubic symphysis pain, groin pain, pelvic organ prolapse, upper back/neck pain, and pelvic floor muscle laxity/pressure
Healthy Pelvic Core and Pelvic Floor muscles should be both strong and resilient...this will assist your labor & delivery. 
Proper Pelvic Core exercise will prepare the Pelvic Core musculature to adapt to the compression and stretching associated with labor and delivery.

Pelvicore Program - Pregnancy

What you can expect.....

Pelvicore Pregnancy Program will help to improve mobility, strength and stability throughout your Pelvic Core Muscles.
The Pelvicore Pregnancy Program will enhance strength, coordination, and balance of your Pelvic Core muscles...abdominals, hips, back, butt, and Pelvic Floor! All of these muscles are layered and interconnected; therefore, the Pelvic Core muscles must be worked as a unit and not in an isolated fashion.
The Pelvicore Pregnancy Program can decrease dysfunction during pregnancy, prepare your body for a better Labor/Delivery, reduce the need for episiotomy and enhance postpartum recovery; furthermore, decreasing future Pelvic Core Dysfunctions (ie incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, low back pain etc.)

Pelvicore Program - Pregnancy

What You Get....
  • Pelvicore Pro
  • Pregnancy Exercise Sheets
  • Instructional DVD