"My Osteopath, who, as well as the Pelvicore Pro, gave me my life back! 
My last resort was an osteopathic visit and thank God I did this! It was diagnosed that my right hip wasn't engaging and my pelvic floor needed much work. I am quite active, hence the repeated injuries. The Pelvicore Pro, along with Erica's expertise, not only took care of my issue, it also helped with my acid reflux and hiatal hernia. Thank you so much for developing this ball!"  
Debbie W

"I began using Pelvicore during my pregnancy with my first set of twins. I really looked forward to my workouts with the Pelvicore Pro. During my twin  pregnancy, it offered a stable and fun way to move my body daily. I am grateful for this tool and how it has contributed to my recovery."

Amy S.



"What a great innovation~ Pelvicore Pro helps me, my athletes, my clients, and my mom in a way no other piece of equipment can. Really revolutionary way to train and maintain the WHOLE core... Thanks, Tina!!!!"

Marie F