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Pelvicore Program - Men’s Health
Did You Know...

Over 25 million Americans suffer from some type of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction each year.
Weak or imbalanced Pelvic Core muscles can lead to the following problems in men....urinary stress incontinence, overactive bladder, erectile dysfunction, and back/hip pain.
Weak or imbalanced Core Muscles can lead to an overall decreased Functional Potential of the Body....decreased strength, decreased balance, decreased flexibility, decreased agility, and
ultimately decreased cardiovascular health.
Weak or imbalanced Core Muscles can lead to decreased sports performance and make you vulnerable to injury.
Weak or imbalanced Core Muscles can lead to low back pain, upper back pain, knee pain, hip pain, poor abdominal tone, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Conditions affecting Men’s Pelvic Floor Include
(but are not limited to):

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): (Non-Cancerous Enlarged Prostate)
- Occurs between 40-50 years of age.
- 50% of men have BPH by age 60.
- 90 % of men have BPH by age 85.
Radical Prostatectomy (Removal of the entire prostate from cancer)
Both BPH & Radical Prostatectomy conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.
Diabetes, Stroke, Neurological Disease can produce nerve damage which may lead to bladder control problems and sexual dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction: Variations include total inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to acheive erection, or a tendency to sustain only brief erections. This may affect 15-30 million men each year!

Pelvicore Program - Men’s Health
What you can expect.....

The Pelvicore Program - Men’s Health will enhance strength, coordination and balance of your Pelvic Core muscles....abdominals, hips, back, butt, and pelvic floor! All of these muscles are layered and interconnected; therefore, the Pelvic Core muscles must be worked as a unit and not in an isolated fashion.
Making lifestyle changes....losing weight, increasing physical activity and properly exercising the Pelvic Core muscles can help men regain bladder control and regain sexual function.
Pelvicore Program - Men’s Health will help to improve mobility, strength and stability throughout your Pelvic Core muscles.
Recent research for bladder control and erectile dysfunction demonstrated improvement (40-60% of men dramatically improved) with proper Pelvic Core strengthening exercises......The Pelvicore Program - Men’s Health may be all you need. Order Yours Today!

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